Pre-Release version:
- Implement Authentication
- Implement Modularity
- Implement basic functions for display
0000789: [GUI & Graphics] Mandatory default page can break system (Ribeye)
0000797: [User Management] Store user permissions directly in the user entry (Ribeye)
0000819: [Documentation] Upgrade PHPdox to the latest version (Ribeye)
0000531: [General] Session management system (Ribeye)
0000538: [General] Unable to load DARWS (Ribeye)
0000904: [GUI & Graphics] Touch input is not recognised (Ribeye)
0000967: [GUI & Graphics] DARWS GUI is not loaded an only blank page appears (Ribeye)
0000629: [General] Frontend and Backend are separated (Ribeye)
0000930: [GUI & Graphics] Adjust colour scheme (Ribeye)
0000950: [Guardian] Prevent false positive when detecting spam users (Ribeye)
0000508: [General] Create plug in system (Ribeye)
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