0001112: [Trade & Market] Ambiguos column name (Athena)
0001117: [General] Function getLanguage() not found (Athena)
0001056: [General] Remove social media Plug-Ins (Ribeye)
0000989: [GUI & Graphics] Do not show crew bar if there is no habitable space (Ribeye)
0001027: [Administration] Use password retrieval function as secondary unlock (Ribeye)
0000775: [General] Code cleanup (Ribeye)
0000944: [GUI & Graphics] Fill indicator of cargo shows red too early (Ribeye)
0000697: [Administration] Upgrade CKEditor to version 4.8.0 (Ribeye)
0000715: [General] Bind good production to time (Ribeye)
0000717: [Ships & Shuttles] Improve docking routine for ships (Ribeye)
0000724: [Ships & Shuttles] Improve stationing routine of ships and shuttles (Ribeye)
0000728: [Ships & Shuttles] Improve landing procedure for shuttles (Ribeye)
0000752: [GUI & Graphics] Link to station in same field does not work (Ribeye)
0000758: [Intercomm] RSS-Feeds do not have new lines (Ribeye)
0001041: [Bridge Crew] Tactics officer vanished (Ribeye)
0000792: [GUI & Graphics] Switching between objects does not work (Ribeye)
0000537: [Bridge Crew] Bridge Officers cannot spawn automatically (Ribeye)
0000805: [General] Implement DARWS token based authentication (Ribeye)
0000618: [General] Error "Undefined Index content" (Ribeye)
0000394: [General] Ice clogging up cargo bay (Ribeye)
0000695: [General] Consumption of energy does not consume any energy (Ribeye)
0000959: [GUI & Graphics] Remove contact form to prevent spam (Ribeye)
0000709: [Ships & Shuttles] Reserve battery can be charged more than 100% (Ribeye)
0000739: [General] Undefined config variable (Ribeye)
0001023: [General] Registration not working (Ribeye)
0000515: [Bridge Crew] Automatically add bridge personnel (Ribeye)
0000779: [General] Improve file structure (Ribeye)
0000863: [Intercomm] Limit newsfeed to General, Space Wars and ISMA (Ribeye)
0000764: [GUI & Graphics] Add high resolution graphics (Ribeye)
0000898: [Administration] Use a different numbering scheme for goods (Ribeye)
0000817: [Documentation] Update PHPdox to latest version (Ribeye)
0000823: [General] Pull master branch from GitHub (Ribeye)
0000414: [GUI & Graphics] Amount bars are done with CSS to cut down calculations in PHP (Ribeye)
0000398: [Administration] AI assistants for settlers (Ribeye)
0000551: [GUI & Graphics] Undefined variable species_list and faction_list (Ribeye)
0000130: [Alliances] Alliance lead has overview ships, stations and colonies (Ribeye)
0000665: [Bridge Crew] Name lists (Ribeye)
0000440: [GUI & Graphics] Improve the transfer menu (Ribeye)
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