Pre-Release version:
- Implement Authentication
- Implement Modularity
- Implement basic functions for display
0001070: [General] Implement a search menu (Ribeye)
0001068: [General] Search can handle Tags (Ribeye)
0001062: [GUI & Graphics] Warn before reload (Ribeye)
0001036: [InterComm] Auto sort eMails for certain accounts (Ribeye)
0000928: [General] Provide an upgrade path (Ribeye)
0001017: [Master Data Management] Article management system with customizable columns (Ribeye)
0001006: [User Management] Implement JWT (Ribeye)
0000924: [General] Verify configuration variables (Ribeye)
0000922: [File Management] Drop to upload (Ribeye)
0000920: [General] Implement a service worker for background jobs (Ribeye)
0000917: [General] Implement multi media playback (Ribeye)
0000912: [General] Search also checks tags (Ribeye)
0000910: [GUI & Graphics] GUI is not mobile capable (Ribeye)
0000886: [File Management] Manage files of an OwnCloud from the filesystem (Ribeye)
0000879: [General] Drop images into article to upload (Ribeye)
0000875: [General] Merge multiple articles (Ribeye)
0000871: [GUI & Graphics] Use full names instead of nicks (Ribeye)
0000870: [InterComm] Limit newsfeed to DARWS (Ribeye)
0000843: [File Management] Load images into the database (Ribeye)
0000545: [File Management] Add ability to manage files stored on the server (Ribeye)
       0000557: [File Management] Policies for storing files (Ribeye)
0000577: [Guardian] Create web interface for Guardian (Ribeye)
       0000581: [Guardian] Directly feed files into Guardian (Ribeye)
       0000575: [General] Report issues directly from the GUI (Ribeye)
0000503: [Master Data Management] Add version history to track changes (Ribeye)
0000504: [General] Add ability to add tags to images (Ribeye)
0000570: [General] Create a time management system (Ribeye)
0000574: [General] Budgeting module (Ribeye)
0000589: [InterComm] Categorize messages in inbox by importance (Ribeye)
0000583: [Guardian] Create an API to access data sets from other systems (Ribeye)
0000563: [GUI & Graphics] Bind group membership to display of elements and pages (Ribeye)
0000559: [GUI & Graphics] Bind display of elements and pages to rank of user (Ribeye)
0000496: [General] Add sub categories for better organisation (Ribeye)
0000789: [GUI & Graphics] Mandatory default page can break system (Ribeye)
0000797: [User Management] Store user permissions directly in the user entry (Ribeye)
0000819: [Documentation] Upgrade PHPdox to the latest version (Ribeye)
0000523: [General] Module loader is too complicated to use (Ribeye)
0000531: [General] Session management system (Ribeye)
0000538: [General] Unable to load DARWS (Ribeye)
0000542: [User Management] Automated migration of users from Space Wars to DARWS (Ribeye)
0000904: [GUI & Graphics] Touch input is not recognised (Ribeye)
0000967: [GUI & Graphics] DARWS GUI is not loaded an only blank page appears (Ribeye)
0000629: [General] Frontend and Backend are separated (Ribeye)
0000930: [GUI & Graphics] Adjust colour scheme (Ribeye)
0000882: [InterComm] Interface with Slack (Ribeye)
0000950: [Guardian] Prevent false positive when detecting spam users (Ribeye)
0000508: [General] Create plug in system (Ribeye)
0000565: [GUI & Graphics] Site specific content generation is stored in the database (Ribeye)
0000828: [General] Use UNIX timestamps (Ribeye)
0000582: [Guardian] Combine iptables with Guardian (Ribeye)
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Scheduled For Release 2017-08-01
0000169: [Space Wars NPC Modules] Best suitable fuel is request automatically (Ribeye)
0000173: [Space Wars NPC Modules] Ships without replicator request food (Ribeye)
0000175: [Space Wars NPC Modules] Role of ship is determined on equipment (Ribeye)
0001122: [Space Wars NPC Modules] Rebuild "Silent Cartographer" (Ribeye)
0001089: [Space Wars NPC Modules] NPC can move ships (Ribeye)
0001014: [Space Wars Modules] Auto transfer goods when cargo is near full (Ribeye)
       0000183: [Space Wars NPC Modules] Cargo hold can be emptied into any trade post (Athena)
0001075: [Space Wars NPC Modules] Implement routine to maintain ships (Ribeye)
       0001082: [Space Wars NPC Modules] Routine to maintain ships can order goods (Ribeye)
0000788: [Space Wars NPC Modules] Automate trade of goods based on good value (Ribeye)
0000595: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] Connections between nodes are encrypted (Ribeye)
0000597: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] Write last job result to database (Ribeye)
0000635: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] Undeterminable MySQL errors are logged (Ribeye)
0000158: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] YAML config for ISMA 3 (Ribeye)
0001011: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] Clean out bots that are no longer valid and check for duplicates (Ribeye)
0001049: [Space Wars Modules] Delete users with no activity in two years (Ribeye)
0000585: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] Write tasks for Guardian into queues (Ribeye)
0000586: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] Guardian will calculate interval between checks (Ribeye)
0000459: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] Create basic word recognition to automate fight against spam (Ribeye)
0000735: [Space Wars Modules] Read all messages to gather words (Ribeye)
0000737: [Space Wars Modules] Re-Check forum posts after some time (Ribeye)
0000994: [Space Wars Modules] Auto pull latest version of master (Ribeye)
0000611: [Space Wars Modules] Rebuild border creation of NPC (Ribeye)
0000691: [Space Wars Modules] Wide characters cause "check_forum_posts" to fail (Ribeye)
0000963: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] No jobs are sent to ISMA nodes (Ribeye)
0000971: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] Improve debug logging (Ribeye)
0000720: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] Limit size of Botscout queue (Ribeye)
0000977: [Space Wars Modules] Prevent massive over provisioning of storage after long outage (Ribeye)
0000809: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] Check all messages for URLs (Ribeye)
0000610: [Space Wars Modules] Crew is assigned by the users own entity (Ribeye)
0000887: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] Auto-Configure cluster with central database (Ribeye)
0000893: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] Token Based Node Interlink (Ribeye)
0000179: [Space Wars NPC Modules] Trade routes are created and adjusted when required (Ribeye)
0000704: [Space Wars Modules] Show the count of remaining entries (Ribeye)
0000466: [Space Wars Modules] Users for other Space Wars components are created by ISMA (Ribeye)
0000603: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] ANN for ISMA (Ribeye)
0001013: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] Auto optimize GUARDIAN reload times (Ribeye)
0000591: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] Read and write text (Ribeye)
0000607: [Space Wars NPC Modules] Store state of NPC in database (Ribeye)
0001007: [Space Wars Modules] Set Space Wars version according to Mantis version configuration (Ribeye)
0000855: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] Incorrect length description of field prevents text from showing (Ribeye)
0000933: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] Toggle the monitoring data over DARWS variables (Ribeye)
0000685: [Space Wars Modules] Production of goods relies on time since last run (Ribeye)
0000245: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] Integrity checks for important files (Ribeye)
0000450: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] Hot patch modules (Ribeye)
0000292: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] Modules can have dependencies (Ribeye)
0000247: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] META information for modules (Ribeye)
0000290: [Space Wars NPC Modules] Object functionality is modular (Ribeye)
0000294: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] Protocol of executed actions (Ribeye)
0000599: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] Configuration can be changed on the run (Ribeye)
0000166: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] Implement XMPP (Ribeye)
0000680: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] Configure thread queues from within the function files (Ribeye)
0000940: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] Transfer files between nodes (Ribeye)
0000455: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] Use EDIFACT as default format for data transmission (Ribeye)
0000784: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] Use VirusTotal API to identify malicious sources (Ribeye)
0000240: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] Auto-Install routine (Ribeye)
0000298: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] Automated report of database health (Ribeye)
0000234: [ISMA Core Modules and Functions] Timer thread tends to miss a second (Ribeye)
0000063: [Space Wars Modules] Automatically reference entries in DARWS (Ribeye)
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Scheduled For Release 2017-12-08
0001126: [GUI & Graphics] Render the buildings when required (Ribeye)
0000984: [GUI & Graphics] Move SPW History to DARWS (Ribeye)
0000367: [Combat] Blockade objects (Ribeye)
0000653: [Ships & Shuttles] Change color of drive based on used system (Ribeye)
0000654: [GUI & Graphics] Create dashboard to show recent activities (Ribeye)
0000657: [Combat] Create icons for ship types (Ribeye)
0000708: [GUI & Graphics] Add icons to all command sections (Ribeye)
0000712: [GUI & Graphics] Create new GUI for alliance (Ribeye)
0000713: [Alliances] Shuttles are shown in the fleet overview of alliances (Ribeye)
0000232: [GUI & Graphics] Change avatar of brigde officer (Ribeye)
0000403: [GUI & Graphics] Move Market to new GUI (Ribeye)
0000436: [GUI & Graphics] Move Module Factory to new GUI (Ribeye)
0000225: [GUI & Graphics] New GUI for building construction (Ribeye)
0000407: [Bridge Crew] Officers can be placed in courses for several days (Ribeye)
0000427: [General] Different species have different traits (Ribeye)
0001108: [GUI & Graphics] Building features are not loaded correctly (Athena)
0001112: [Trade & Market] Ambiguos column name (Athena)
0001117: [General] Function getLanguage() not found (Athena)
0001056: [General] Remove social media Plug-Ins (Ribeye)
0001027: [Administration] Use password retrieval function as secondary unlock (Ribeye)
0000775: [General] Code cleanup (Ribeye)
0000944: [GUI & Graphics] Fill indicator of cargo shows red too early (Ribeye)
0000697: [Administration] Upgrade CKEditor to version 4.8.0 (Ribeye)
0000715: [General] Bind good production to time (Ribeye)
0000717: [Ships & Shuttles] Improve docking routine for ships (Ribeye)
0000724: [Ships & Shuttles] Improve stationing routine of ships and shuttles (Ribeye)
0000728: [Ships & Shuttles] Improve landing procedure for shuttles (Ribeye)
0000752: [GUI & Graphics] Link to station in same field does not work (Ribeye)
0001041: [Bridge Crew] Tactics officer vanished (Ribeye)
0000792: [GUI & Graphics] Switching between objects does not work (Ribeye)
0000537: [Bridge Crew] Bridge Officers cannot spawn automatically (Ribeye)
0000805: [General] Implement DARWS token based authentication (Ribeye)
0000394: [General] Ice clogging up cargo bay (Ribeye)
0000695: [General] Consumption of energy does not consume any energy (Ribeye)
0000959: [GUI & Graphics] Remove contact form to prevent spam (Ribeye)
0000709: [Ships & Shuttles] Reserve battery can be charged more than 100% (Ribeye)
0000739: [General] Undefined config variable (Ribeye)
0001023: [General] Registration not working (Ribeye)
0000515: [Bridge Crew] Automatically add bridge personnel (Ribeye)
0000815: [Intercomm] Move contact form from old process to DARWS (Ribeye)
0000817: [Documentation] Update PHPdox to latest version (Ribeye)
0000823: [General] Pull master branch from GitHub (Ribeye)
0000414: [GUI & Graphics] Amount bars are done with CSS to cut down calculations in PHP (Ribeye)
0000410: [Administration] Settlers can have personal AI assistants (Ribeye)
0000398: [Administration] AI assistants for settlers (Ribeye)
0000304: [General] Reputation for settlers (Ribeye)
0000551: [GUI & Graphics] Undefined variable species_list and faction_list (Ribeye)
0000130: [Alliances] Alliance lead has overview ships, stations and colonies (Ribeye)
0000665: [Bridge Crew] Name lists (Ribeye)
0000440: [GUI & Graphics] Improve the transfer menu (Ribeye)
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Scheduled For Release 2017-12-21
0000377: [Ships & Shuttles] Ship ability: Heal fleet (Ribeye)
0000439: [Ships & Shuttles] Ships can dock to other ships (Ribeye)
0000036: [Colonies] Colonization of asteroids (Ribeye)
0001003: [Ships & Shuttles] Combine strengths of fleet (Ribeye)
0000895: [Administration] Create statistics about good value (Ribeye)
0000848: [Trade & Market] Correct values of goods (Ribeye)
0000780: [Intercomm] Unable to remove news articles (Ribeye)
0000402: [Combat] Weapons can be fired individually (Ribeye)
0000411: [Research & Development] Research: User has to decide whether to have offense or defense (Ribeye)
0000430: [General] Species have different requirements (Ribeye)
0000432: [GUI & Graphics] Styles and pattern for names can be assigned to classes (Ribeye)
0000266: [Trade & Market] Bridge officers can be hired from the market (Ribeye)
0000641: [Bridge Crew] Different faction has different rank (Ribeye)
0000643: [Combat] Metaphasic shields (Ribeye)
0000650: [Stations] Relay Station (Ribeye)
0000659: [Bridge Crew] Morale system for bridge officers (Ribeye)
0000489: [Ships & Shuttles] Sensors can look through wormholes (Ribeye)
0000491: [Colonies] Athena generates and optimises colony surfaces (Ribeye)
0000795: [GUI & Graphics] Sort ships to maintain in order of next maintenance (Athena)
0000758: [Intercomm] RSS-Feeds do not have new lines (Ribeye)
0000477: [Research & Development] Split faction related research for species (Ribeye)
0000729: [Administration] Tweet about resolved issues (Ribeye)
0000615: [Colonies] Happiness for the people (Ribeye)
0000779: [General] Improve file structure (Ribeye)
0000764: [GUI & Graphics] Add high resolution graphics (Ribeye)
0000898: [Administration] Use a different numbering scheme for goods (Ribeye)
8 of 26 issue(s) resolved. Progress (30%). View Issues