Scheduled For Release 2017-12-21
0000377: [Ships & Shuttles] Ship ability: Heal fleet (Ribeye)
0000439: [Ships & Shuttles] Ships can dock to other ships (Ribeye)
0000430: [General] Species have different requirements (Ribeye)
0001003: [Ships & Shuttles] Combine strengths of fleet (Ribeye)
0000411: [Research & Development] Research: User has to decide whether to have offense or defense (Ribeye)
0000432: [GUI & Graphics] Styles and pattern for names can be assigned to classes (Ribeye)
0000266: [Trade & Market] Bridge officers can be hired from the market (Ribeye)
0000641: [Bridge Crew] Different faction has different rank (Ribeye)
0000643: [Combat] Metaphasic shields (Ribeye)
0000650: [Stations] Relay Station (Ribeye)
0000659: [Bridge Crew] Morale system for bridge officers (Ribeye)
0000489: [Ships & Shuttles] Sensors can look through wormholes (Ribeye)
0000491: [Colonies] Athena generates and optimises colony surfaces (Ribeye)
0000780: [Intercomm] Unable to remove news articles (Ribeye)
0000848: [Trade & Market] Correct values of goods (Ribeye)
0000036: [Colonies] Colonization of asteroids (Ribeye)
0000895: [Administration] Create statistics about good value (Ribeye)
0000402: [Combat] Weapons can be fired individually (Ribeye)
0000795: [GUI & Graphics] Sort ships to maintain in order of next maintenance (Athena)
0000758: [Intercomm] RSS-Feeds do not have new lines (Ribeye)
0000477: [Research & Development] Split faction related research for species (Ribeye)
0000729: [Administration] Tweet about resolved issues (Ribeye)
0000615: [Colonies] Happiness for the people (Ribeye)
0000779: [General] Improve file structure (Ribeye)
0000764: [GUI & Graphics] Add high resolution graphics (Ribeye)
0000898: [Administration] Use a different numbering scheme for goods (Ribeye)
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